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infrared roof inspection

Certified Level One Thermographer - our FLIR thermal imager finds hidden roof problems.

Free roof inspection

Thorough inspections by experienced competent roofing professionals.

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What we do?

  • Professional roof inspection and diagnosis

  • Present options for roof repair

  • Use industry-best as well as proprietary roof repair methods and materials.

  • Follow up with any recurring roof leaks.

  • No hard-sell and no billing surprises.

Disputed hail claims

Legitimate hail claims often go unreported, underpaid or denied. We have decades of experience in this complex process.

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Seven out of 10 roofs

that get replaced,

could have been saved with professional repairs and maintenance!

We specialize in squeezing the maximum years of life out of your existing roof!

Roofers sell roofs - and sometimes you need a whole new roof! but usually you don't!


RPM bridges the critical and expensive gap between a continually-leaking roof, and doling out tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for a new roof.

We specialize in getting the maximum years of useful service life out of your existing roof!